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Why Safedoor?

Why Safedoor?

Always the engineers choice... technically the strongest in its class.
Made for Africa.

No Plastic or Aluminium Parts

We have proved that plastic and aluminium parts are not security grade products. Plastic will wear and stick (and can be cut ) and aluminium will break (when forced). Properly treated steel remains the only robust security solution!

The Right (Our) Way

Single, not double uprights. (Double provides for crowbar leverage). Recessed lock cylinder (protruding cylinder can be hammered out). Sealed steel top bearings (nylon or plastic runners will wear). Solid steel rotating bottom bolts (nylon or plastic runners will wear). High security 14 pin star key lock (not 5 pin standard key).

Low Maintenance Secure Solution

Once we have completed the installation the chances of ever having to call us back are pretty slim. The pure strength and durability of the product will ensure years of trouble free operation.
The engineers choice.

Our Products

Below are a few examples of our product offering. Our range is available in various colours and manufactured to size.

About Us

Safedoor, manufactured by Rivim Engineering, South Africa, has been a leading innovator and exporter of retractable / expandable safety products since 1991.

With the introduction of regional support, the expansion of Safedoor to other remote and coastal centres has now become a reality.

Roll on Safedoor Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape)

With the absolute brute strength of our product we will create a place of safety in your home and business by giving peace of mind to every one of our clients.

We know that our product is a force to be reckoned with!

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Download our brochure

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